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Be More Than a BYSTANDER





They took what (Ava and Kristen) said and brought it back to the classroom. Children were picking up crayons for each other. They were letting each other cut in line. Every single student in my room, the following week, earned a kindness cape.

Tara Dexter-


As soon as (our students) got back, they wanted to make posters of kindness. Our 2nd grade kids posted pictures of (Ava), posted words such as ‘kindness’ and ‘helping one another.’  And it made such a huge difference to them that they were inspired immediately to go back and draw posters based off the film.

Ishmael Tabales-Principal

Ava was an inspiration because she let other people realize that if you have a dream you can do it no matter what. If there’s people that support you or don’t support you you’re there for yourself and you can do it.

Elementary School Student - Grade 6

I had the opportunity to talk to these amazing kids after the film; I heard how they were so inspired and they had random acts of kindness everywhere. The principal, the teachers, and even the students said they were able to stand up to their bullies. One kid even told me that he felt more comfortable to just say “stop!” when someone was making fun of him.

Ava Fratus-

Star of "Snowflake"

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