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Be More Than a BYSTANDER


What we'll bring you

The Snowflake Anti-Bullying Project brings a full hour of entertaining, meaningful, and interactive education to your school. And it’s designed especially for elementary through middle school students.


First 5 Minutes: Snowflake star Ava Fratus and producer Kristen Lucas introduce themselves and the film.


Kristen explains the widespread impact that bullying has on children of all ages, from all walks of life, and how Snowflake is making a difference.


Ava, only 13 years old, shares her own story of being bullied so badly that she had to switch to a new school.  


Together, they set the stage for the award-winning short film, Snowflake.


Next 18 Minutes: Snowflake Film Screening


Next 35 Minutes: Student and teachers will have the opportunity to ask Ava and Kristen any question. Kids often want to talk about how the film’s main character, Jesse, overcame bullying.They like to know how Ava used her own experiences to inspire her performance. And they often feel so comfortable that they share their own experiences with bullying. The Q&A session typically ends with hugs from Ava. Her ability to connect with other children is awe-inspiring.


Takeaways: So that your school will have constant reminders to continue the conversation about being kind and stepping up to stop bullying, we’ll leave each classroom with a collection of beautiful paper Snowflakes that each child can sign to show their dedication to being kinder. And when they hang their snowflakes, they will be accompanied by a Snowflake movie poster that reminds them every day to “Be More Than A Bystander.”

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