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Be More Than a BYSTANDER

Inspired by the award-winning short film

Bullying - Be More Than A Bystander

Bullying - Be More Than A Bystander

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Inspired by the award-winning short film Snowflake, the Snowflake Anti-Bullying Project brings a fresh perspective to the conversation that's on everyone's mind. 

Through inspiring characters and a candid, heartfelt discussion with the film's star Ava Fratus and producer Kristen Lucas, the program is empowering young people to talk about the real-life tough situations that all kids face. 

Teachers are reporting that after experiencing Snowflake, kids are kinder and more inclusive; plus they're finding the courage to step up and stop bullying. 

Now, we're taking the Snowflake Anti-Bullying Program on the road. 

In the film, Ava Fratus, a young singer, dancer, actor, and rapper stars as Jesse, an introverted young girl struggling with acceptance. Ultimately, she finds the courage to overcome bullying and follow her voice with hip hop music. 

See the Snowflake trailer. 

Snowflake Trailer

Snowflake Trailer

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